Monday, May 7, 2007

Music [the top 25] cd's

This is really hard. But if I were on a desert island and could only take 25 cd's...

1. 1950's jazz [Dave Brubeck-Time Out]
2. The Call-greatest hits
3. Shipwrecks and Islands-gold records
4. Joe Jackson-greatest hits
5. Steely Dan-greatest hits
6. Ani Difranco-burned cd of greatest hits
7. Queen-greatest hits
8. Bruce Cockburn-greatest hits
9. Dicky Ochoa
10. John Mark McMillan-the sounds of breaking down
11. Brent Bourgeois-Come Join The Living World
12. Big Audio Dynamite and the Clash-burned cd of greatest hits
13. Deathcab for Cutie
14. Aaron Spiro-sing
15. Vineyard music-the mystery
16. Vineyard music-prayer
17. Chant-benedictine monks
18. Paul Weller and the Style Council...the Jam -burned cd of greatest hits
19. Sting and the Police-greatest hits
20. Todd Agnew
21. Ben Folds
22. Some Creed...Pillar...POD
23. Derek Webb
24. Paris under a groove-electronica down-beat
25. shins...snowpatrol...killers...nickleback...who knows what i'll like next


Josh Derr said...

I have to admit this had to be the first blog I looked at David. :-) I'm a music freak and I was curious as to what you liked...

david sherwood said...

so what do you like...the ipod isn't full yet?

Josh Derr said...

ohh wow, where to start! Well I like heavy stuff and praise God their is a TON of Christian metal out there. I would have to say that my fav band is Of the Son with Disciple coming in at a close 2nd. I also enjoy alot of worship music : Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin, Jason Upton, David Crowder, and can't forget my fav Aaron Wardle.

Here lately I have been listening to :
Metal :

Divinefire - band from Sweden with 80 style singing but music is excellent and great lyrics. (they do a cover of Queen's Show must go on)

Red - sounds like Evanesence

Decyfer Down - these doods have a great sound, (kinda like Disturbed)

XDeathstarX - really heavy hardcore with 3 lead singers.

Worship :

Matt Redman's new one - Beautiful News - Yes and Amen is just great!

Jason Upton - Faith - this guy is just Let our Faith arise!!!

There ya go...hehehe you asked for it... :-) ohh yeah I really enjoy Pillar too! Can't wait to see those guys!

david sherwood said...

great list. my sons a metalhead more than me. Do you remember a heavy christian band called TRAVAIL? I used to be thier chaplain back in the day and they were the houseband for the club I ran. The lead singer Matt Leslie and I are best friends

Josh Derr said...

Travail sounds familiar. Haven't heard any of their stuff but that name rings a bell. I have only been into the Christian scene for about 4 years now. I was just getting my feet wet the first 2 years and now I'm head in the past 2 years. So I'm relativily new to the scene. I have to check them out.

Ohh yeah, my dream is to have a Christian venue to put on metal shows. The would be most excellent! (alittle Bill and Ted's there, hehehe just watched it the other day, sorry. :-)

There are a TON of metalheads around here that are lost and need the peace of Jesus...I'm just starting my journey of ministering to them so I'm super excited as to what God is going to bring my way in the future!

david sherwood said...

sweet. I ran a club for about 5 years and we had xian and not bands every fri and sat night. back when pod was small it was great.

i'll be prayin for ya man!

sergio_101 said...

wait a minute!

according to music dork rule 4323, you cannot include best of OR compilations in your favorite album list.. soundtracks are okay..

ie.. sting and the police - best of.. bad.. two separate artists.. AND not even the best of..

pretty in pink soundtrack.. okay..


david sherwood said...

well....technically sting has been singing police songs on tour for years so...


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