Friday, May 18, 2007

I took a couple days off from blogging just to catch my wind in stuff here. But so you'll be impressed this is what we got done in 3 days:

  1. Door reframed and hung on front of house
  2. Door reframed and hung on side of house
  3. All entry stairways repainted
  4. Duplex cleaned and mopped...again
  5. Doorbell fixed
  6. Back window replaced, reframed and fixed
  7. Painted baseboard in living room and dining room
  8. Painted 1 side of new front door
  9. Filled 2 holes from old furnace in floor, sanded, and stained to match floor
  10. Packed about another 15 boxes
  11. Moved all packed boxes to duplex side
  12. Moved large bookcases to duplex side
  13. Moved paino and polished it
  14. Moved and fixed metro-cart
  15. Replaced broken rails on front porch and painted them

Now...why...should you care?

no idea...

But it helps me to have tidy little lists and to feel like I have accomplished something. Pathetic and anal retentive bordering on obsessive compulsive...probably.

But it's also a burning part of my DNA. Impact...and Accomplishment. So you've been warned. I have been known to give excel tasks lists to people that are either bored, passive, sleepy, or like to complain. Idleness IS the devils workshop. And I have a very low tolerance for complaints from people who don't do anything.


Did I really say that outloud? Maybe I should pull it out. No. No you have got to know all sides of me. The pastor and the prophet. I'm a roll with it, fun-loving guy in a lot of ways...but there is a badger that can pop out every now and then. The Bible, history, and life itself holds no real heroes save for the Lord Himself. Like Jacob...I walk with a limp.

And the badger's got a few pointy sticks he doesn't like very well.

Maybe I'll be courageous enough to give you that list sometime [not today]

Not much of a blog entry...but at least I'm back into the swing of it.


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