Saturday, May 26, 2007

Pray for us

We need some prayer. We are headed into the homestretch of getting out to you. But we need a few things to come together to get there. These are the things we would ask you to talk to God about.

  1. Selling the house. In about 2 weeks on the market we have had a lot of calls and looks, so we are in good shape, but we are asking Jesus to sell the house as quickly as possible.

  2. Finances. We have had to throw some money at the house to get it ready to sell. Total is about 2,500.00 I will not have an income for the next month, and Amy will be working for only about another 2-3 weeks we think.

  3. Moving. What to keep and sell or give away. And the transition team's strategies for getting us up there.

  4. Time. My excel spreadsheet of things to get done in the next month shows about 213 man hours of work. I need to work effectively and efficiently on a lot of things to be out of here by July 1.

  5. Emotions. Saying goodbye to friends and family is fun but a little exhausting at times. Anxiety has had a real foothold in all of us.

Funny story. There is an older lady who is / has been praying for me for years. About a year ago I had the chance to go to her house and help pack it up for a move to Florida. So me and some guys from the church went over and started packing and filling up a u-haul. Everything was fine till I found myself, suddenly alone outside with no more boxes being brought to the truck. I wandered my way inside and found that everybody had joined this lady in her 6foot by 5foot bathroom...and they were laughing me. You see she was explaining to them about how she prays for me. This is the scene:

Small bathroom. Toilet on one side and a small bakers-rack bookcase about 3 feet in front of toilet. The only object on the third shelf is a picture of me.

yes you guessed it.

She prays for me specifically while she sits on the toilet and can look me eye to eye while on the porceline throne. This seems oddly violating to me on a lot of levels. She told everybody this. And they were me. This disturbing image haunts me, disturbs me, and makes me laugh. Honestly, I try very hard to not focus on the visual details of it. "I can just see her grabbing the toilet paper as she says AMEN."

but it matters, and i can feel it.

So now I pray for her to be constipated so I will get prayed for more. Seems fair to me. Poetic justice.

you. Please just pray for us when you feel led, or set apart a specific time to do so with the 5 things I listed above.

but please...pretty please. Don't have a photo of me in the bathroom. Or if you do NEVER tell me. and certainly don't tell all my friends while they are at your house and i'm in the other room.

unless you have a GREAT sense of spiritual humor.


Nate said...

They probably could have made a Seinfeld episode out of that one.

Our prayers are with you. Even though this is a very stressful time, aren't you glad you know Who's in control?!

david sherwood said...

my life IS a Seinfeld episode. I am the outakes, which have been digitally enhanced to have my face on them.

and yes i'm glad i know who's in control.


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