Tuesday, May 29, 2007

These are the cats.

As we all know "cats are evil." If you have not seen the documentary "Cats and Dogs" I highly suggest you watch it. The fact that most of the general public is unaware of thier agenda and conspiratorial mission is completely baffling to me and proof that most people are blind sheep. But me...I see them whispering...I hear thier voices of contempt...it's not paranoia if it's true.

So why would I invite these creatures of the night, bent as they are on world domination, into our house?

I have no idea.

My son owns the ultimate-fighter pictured to the right. His name is Boon. Boon is an african name for coffee. But its latin roots are expresso driven feline maniachal demonoid...or something like that.

The cat on the left is mr weasly. It used to be ginny weasly from H Potter. But he/she had a surprise for us that we discovered and so we changed the name. This is the cat the girls rescued from the alley behind our house.

We are thier pets.

However I am still urging the troops in my village to topple thier evil regime. But because the cats when they are angry scent our clothing and leave 'milky-way' bars in the tub...they are still afraid of them.

So for now I play the cabin-boy. I clean kitty litter, wipe up hair-balls, and other unspeakably disgusting things for them in thier decadent Neroesque existance in my house. I buy them food, toys, and pay thier vet bills. But someday...


my tennis raquet will need restringing



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