Wednesday, May 9, 2007

What's my leadership style?

Leadership style: There are so many theories and models out there…Let me pick a few things that I think are descriptive.

  • Servant leadership: IE Jesus led through exemplifying humility and servanthood. I don't ask people to do what I don't do.
  • Visionary leadership: IE People want to be inspired and called to something more than status quo. Everybody and everything bends itself for the sake of the vision.
  • Value Architect: IE Pastors have to create a texture of values that forms a whole context of ministry-Irwin McManus book “unstoppable force” is a favorite of mine. Once the values are established 99% of the decisions are easy.
  • Wounded healer: IE transparency is the trust exchange of our emerging culture; ya gotta be emotionally and intellectually honest. I will confess often because like Jacob in the bible...I walk with a limp.
  • Spiritual director / mentor: IE: People need to become who God has called them to be. In that context they each have a unique calling, dna, and capacity. I view my relational impact as helping people to become what God wants them to be, and NOT what I need them to be, a part of a system machine, or a cliche of some arbitrarty role or position. And a second point is that leaders need to have followers, as obvious as this may sound some teachers don't make discipleship a prerequiste for leadership. That's crazy.
  • Conductor of collaberation: IE A symphony has many parts which need to allign with a score in order to manifest the vision of the music written. In such a context there is a blending of gifts that ALWAYS defers to the vision, mission, and greater good of the whole
  • Defender of the church: IE The Bible warns of heretics, false teachers, gossips, and a host of other things that pastors and elders must defend the flock from. It will be extraordinarily rare for me to ever be angry and try to defend myself...however...when the gospel, truth, or the lost are placed in danger I will look a lot like a momma bear defending her cubs.

I view myself as a coach, example, and primary catalyst. I believe you let all the leaders lead; you deal with problems in straight forward terms and quickly. Leadership is an art and an adaptation skill and gift.

In terms of church leadership let me throw out 2 models and explain where I stand.

  • The well oiled machine: The church with good systems, professional excellence, and a hard edged business model. This is the model of most mega-churches. Views itself as an organization. Focused of reformation and revival as it's primary mission and vision. This is NOT what I do.

  • The well watered garden: The church which is well designed, beautiful, and an adaptable living entity. This is the model of the organic church movement and natural church development. Views itself as an organism. Focused on revolution and rennaisance as it's primary mission and vision. This IS what I do.

Leadership only matters as a means to an end. So I must talk about the Vision a little bit. Without a lot of details it boils down to these 3 major parts:

  1. That 5 stones will lead everyone in Ashland county to a real relationship with Jesus. While we are working on that we also need to do the same over the entire planet.
  2. That 5 stones will be a discipleship university helping all people who attend to graduate into Christ-like thinking, feeling, and action.
  3. That 5 stones will love each other as Jesus loves his church. That is a short sentance...but the weight of it is very deep in its implications.

I hope this gives you a small sketch of a huge subject



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