Thursday, May 24, 2007

Practicing on the 2nd choice

I don't know how many of you know all of the search-story of me and 5 stones and God. So I thought I would tell you a component that I find thought-provoking. By the end of April I was still in dialogue with a church planting group; a church of a 1,000; a multi-site church of 4000; and a church of 10,000; and 5 stones. 5 stones had by far the majority of confirmations but I had already scheduled a week-long interview and preaching engagement with the 10,000 member church in Detriot [called Kensington] They were looking at me being one of thier 6 man preaching team. The problem was that all I had on my heart was 5 stones. I had already prayed and worked on my sermon for 5 stones and really didn't sense anything else from God so I TEST-FLIGHTED the sermon I did at 5-stones at Kensington the week before I got to be with you. [You can order the dvd or cd from Kensington if you want]. For some reason I just find that funny. Usually you test-flight at the smaller church I suppose. At the end of the week they asked what I sensed God was telling me, and although you hadn't voted yet I told them that 5 stones was where I needed to be and that for some reason I thought it was important that they know they were my 1st choice. I think they found that wonderful, I know it cost them a lot to have me out for the week, but the executive pastor said "if it cost 5,000 dollars for you to find where God needed you to be it would be money well spent." Ya gotta love that.

And just to make sure you aren't thinking I'm noble or courageous or anything silly like that, the decision was just obvious. 5 stones was all I was thinking and praying about; i sensed it was God's will and have read Jonah enough to know you don't step out of God's will and not pay-the-price; and you were already lodged in my pastor's heart.



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