Tuesday, May 8, 2007


It just started raining here in Texas.

I love the rain! Something in my melencholy mindset is always refreshed by the rain. Here in Texas it gets so hot and dry and you can litterally watch the plants come back to life in a few hours.

The Bible says a lot about rain. There are seasonal rains in Israel that burst forth suddenly and crops would live or die based upon these. The storms would come in suddenly and flood the dry riverbeds and chasms. In fact it was dangerous to be in the valleys because you could be swept away, so people were very aware of this in the spring and fall.

Here is one of my favorite verses about a river

Ezekiel 47

1 The man brought me back to the entrance of the temple, and I saw water coming out from under the threshold of the temple toward the east (for the temple faced east). The water was coming down from under the south side of the temple, south of the altar. 2 He then brought me out through the north gate and led me around the outside to the outer gate facing east, and the water was flowing from the south side.
3 As the man went eastward with a measuring line in his hand, he measured off a thousand cubits [a] and then led me through water that was ankle-deep. 4 He measured off another thousand cubits and led me through water that was knee-deep. He measured off another thousand and led me through water that was up to the waist. 5 He measured off another thousand, but now it was a river that I could not cross, because the water had risen and was deep enough to swim in—a river that no one could cross. 6 He asked me, "Son of man, do you see this?" Then he led me back to the bank of the river. 7 When I arrived there, I saw a great number of trees on each side of the river. 8 He said to me, "This water flows toward the eastern region and goes down into the Arabah, [b] where it enters the Sea. [c] When it empties into the Sea, [d] the water there becomes fresh. 9 Swarms of living creatures will live wherever the river flows. There will be large numbers of fish, because this water flows there and makes the salt water fresh; so where the river flows everything will live. 10 Fishermen will stand along the shore; from En Gedi to En Eglaim there will be places for spreading nets. The fish will be of many kinds—like the fish of the Great Sea. [e] 11 But the swamps and marshes will not become fresh; they will be left for salt. 12 Fruit trees of all kinds will grow on both banks of the river. Their leaves will not wither, nor will their fruit fail. Every month they will bear, because the water from the sanctuary flows to them. Their fruit will serve for food and their leaves for healing."

"May the rains come to you, and gush forth as rivers within you. As fountains of living water. And may these spiritual rivers heal you and produce fruit for the healing of others in due time."



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