Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The picture

Over on the right is a sidebar with a piece of art I got from a friend [Melissa Baldwin] for my Birthday in January. When she gave it to us she said "I don't know what these 5 stones" Curiously I had just done something with 5 stones. Phone interview or questionaire I can't remember which for sure. What I do remember is the oddity of irony in the context of providence...destiny...fate. So we have had it up on the wall as a question and now a confirmation. Thought you might get a kick out of that. I enjoy the fact that God is both obvious and subtle at times. And am amuzed that when we want the one he often chooses the other.


david sherwood said...

oh...and notice some details you might not be able to see

1. small coffee cup
2. apron [amy cooking]
3. compass pointed north
4. snow flakes
5. Necklace with HS dove on it
6. Pic of our house as a faded memory
7. Torn wallpaper revealing something underneith
8. Cross in snowflake
9. Manger scee outside of house
10. The big S is a 5 upside-down

amy s said...

what is your birthdate?

david sherwood said...

January 14 19....

"January 14 - Young singer David Jones changes his last name to Bowie to avoid being confused with Davy Jones of the Monkees "

you'll have to guess the year

Josh Derr said...

Thanks for sharing, that is really sweet! I love how the Lord speaks to us in his mystical and exciting ways. Now that picture has so much meaning to you and your family. Its priceless. That is really awesome David. The Holy Spirit amazes me with his perfect timing...Another thank you to Jesus!

Karen [formly known as anonymous said...

Went kayaking was beautiful. Warm sun, cool breeze and lots of wildlife both in the skies and on the water. A bridge across the lake carried the rest of the world at 65mph...I thanked the Lord for the gift of a paddle instead of a motor [until it was time to go back and the wind changed]..I think I find it hard sometimes to receive his subtle is usually with such tenderness it comes as a surprise....

david sherwood said...

speaking of a kajak...does anybody know of a rowing club near ashland? It's on my list of things to do someday?


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