Sunday, May 13, 2007

  1. Closer by the Call [my deepest connection with Jesus]
  2. I still believe by the Call [best song after a bad day]
  3. Deacon blues by Steely Dan [reminds me how I felt about life pre-Jesus]
  4. Come home to me by Brent Bourgeios [to be listened to while looking at the return of the prodigal son by Rembrandt]
  5. Light from a distant Shore by Holly Smith [my longing for heaven]
  6. Surrounded by Shipwrecks and Islands [gold records UK]
  7. We Change and Ominous by John Mark McMilan [i wish there was more stuff out there as good as this guy]
  8. Hurt by Johnny Cash [meant a lot more after I saw the video and movie]
  9. Brand new Day by Sting [optimism funscape]
  10. Losing my religion by REM [song came out about the same time I read the book "grace awakening" by Chuck Swindoll
  11. Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode [also my ringtone]
  12. E=MC2 by Big Audio Dynamite
  13. Fireproof by Pillar [I hit repeat when I am doing spiritual warfare and intercession]
  14. Sowing the seeds of love by Tears for Fears [evangelism jumper-cables]
  15. The power of love by Frankie goes to hollywood [surprising God stuff in the lyrics]
  16. Ship of fools by World Party [my anthem to the world that doesn't know Jesus]
  17. My Jesus by Todd Agnew [did I mention how important Jesus is to me]
  18. Everything you want by Vertical Horizon [again...makes me think about Jesus, especially when the chorus changes on the last do through]
  19. One thing by Finger eleven [for me....the gospel]
  20. Children of the revolution by the Violent Femmes
  21. Alive by POD
  22. Run by Ricky Ochoa
  23. Revolution by the Cult
  24. Sing by Aaron Spiro
  25. I will be with you by Margaret Becker

Man that was hard...but i-tunes doesn't lie


sergio_101 said...

hey, man!

you don't know me.. but you will when you get to ashland...

anyway.. i LOVE top n lists.. i saw that you have some of the same tastes in music i have..

it's funny, i JUST posted a songlist on my blog, too..

checkit here..

amy stephenson said...

Everything you want by Vertical Horizon ..... yeah this is a good song. I had to sing it in my head to make the Jesus connection.... is it just me, or does anyone else pick up on some God language in some of the "nicer" secular stuff out there???

Jillian said...
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Jillian said...

I'm really glad Steely Dan made the list. And of course John Mark McMillan - I agree - raw lyrics with the sound of Pete Yorn, a little Ryan Adams.

david sherwood said...

JMM and the new stuff coming out of the enter the worship circle recording division is pretty good. I bought thier village thrift CD bu wasn't super impressed. But they are on a good path.


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