Sunday, May 13, 2007

the money pit

The house goes up for sale Monday. And I am reprising the role of Tom Hanks in the movie 'the money pit.' It's about a guy who buys a historical house and seeks to renovate it.

here's where I am at:

  1. hang new front doors
  2. demo bathroom upstairs and down
  3. finish painting eaves
  4. fix 2 upstairs windows the tornadoes took out last week
  5. make a window for old a/c unit replacement
  6. retile kitchen floor
  7. paint outside steps
  8. pressure wash driveway
  9. repaint outside trim
  10. replace rotten wood in several places
  11. paint back of garage
  12. finish painting kitchen cabinets
  13. start painting cabinets in duplex

that's the short list. Then there is packing up stuff, throwing stuff out, giving stuff away, etc.

wish you were here!


amy said...

here's an idea..... host an open house for what you are willing to part with. Contractors LOVE garage sales becaue they find things to use. make a trade of your goods for their services....

Josh Derr said...

Wow...I would help you paint if I was there.(it's what I do for a living) Hang in there David, you'll get it done! Tonight I will pray for God to send you some help...


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