Monday, May 14, 2007

The rebellion of fireflies

Tonight there are fireflies outside my house. And they got me thinking. They have an internal flame that pierces the darkness, and because of this they stand out with great drama in thier surroundings.

Like a city on a hill.

Like Jerusalem was supposed to be. The city of David singing praises all over the world. The temple of Solomon where the people of the world would come to find wisdom. Like the place Nehemiah returned to rebuild so that that place and her people would again be all that God intended.

Like we are supposed to be.

  • The church set on hill where all the world can see, with an internal flame the world doesn't understand.
  • Or us as temples of the spirit sent into the world as ambassadors of grace and revolution, with an internal spirit flame lighting us up from within.

And we shine best in the darkness and gloom of twilight. Sparkling teases of heaven that the world can't help but notice and try to run after and catch. That's what we need to be. So bright and dancing and laughing, and full of peace and joy that simply by our normal nature we infect the world with hope and wonder.

So I would ask you to remember your place in the world. Fireflies from Forever...Angels of mercy...lighthouses of hope...beacons of truth...flashlights of wisdom. And Satan would desire to drown us in darkness, and yet...that very darkness is our natural glory. It is there where we shine the best and brightest. And when you think you can't do it, remember you can't. It's not about you and your religion or resolve; it's about just opening yourself up to full relationship and simply resonating with God. When we do this we are fully alive. When we do this love is easy.

So fly in the darkness and blaze a light for all to find thier way home. Burn inside with the great love God has for you. And rest in the wonder of being a new creature in Christ.

This is much in my mind today. I have had to deal with rebellion, slander, gossip, and woundings in a variety of people. You never stop being a pastor. And it's funny to me how some people don't even see thier light diminishing because of the things they choose to focus on. Thier wounds and passions are real...but often so misguided and immature...that all they do is damage. But today I have also seen wisdom, encouragement, true fellowship, and edification flow into people and watched the lights inside turn back on.

And I will pray tonight for all the lights to be turned on inside you. For Christ to walk through all the dark prison hallways of your heart and mind. And as he walks the prison doors burst open and healing, freedom, love and light flow in. The sun rises warmly, birds sing, and the dawn of a brand new day opens up all the possible paths of adventure, rest, and joy with God. Jesus loves you more than I could ever possibly write. He is surprised by nothing you do. And his delight is searching for lost sheep, coins, and children and drawing them back to himself. His tender love even now searches through you with whispers of his grace. Embrace them and let them wash over you.

Be reborn

And fly in such a way that others might seek the choices that you have made.




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