Sunday, May 6, 2007


I started this blog in anticipation of a 'calling' to a new church. That said, I have been adopted by an extended family 11 hours away. There are some 200 people that are now connected to me in some way that I will soon discover. How weird is that!

So this is my my way of starting to say hi to my new family. It is a little awkward right now, but will fall into a stream of conciousness in a bit. Let me explain a few things 1st.

Why Phoenix? Because I am going to a 'land of ashes.' Or so named by someone and I thought that a phoenix was a good metaphor to illustrate my feelings of moving there.

Why Forresting: Because Forresting has 2 components that include planting and harvesting, which is a core part of my DNA which I'll explain later.

Anyway it's time for dinner. It's windy in Texas tonight and I just grilled a bunch of Jalepeno's, steak, and chicken. Our outdoor fireplace is blazing and it's starting to sprinkle on the table outside where we will eat. Latino music a few doors down is fighting with the jazz on my outside speakers in my little urban oasis of multi-cultural fun.

Why do I mention this? I suppose because I am dimly aware that I REALLY am finally leaving. And all the memories of this house seem now somehow fresh. The homeless couple with a 2 week old baby that we brought to live here; the scandanavian band that slept here when they played at our club and our pathetic attempts at trying to find the right words to explain pancakes to them; our friends playing worship music and dancing outside much to the amuzement of our neighbors; and so many other memories flooding in to moist eyes. And even now moments are forming for our future. The place we will live; the people who will become friends; the guy at the tattoo shop who will get saved; the college student who will find Christ; the new songs that will be written, and countless new adventures with Jesus.

The next chapter of my biography is starting to be sketched by God. What wonder!


a longer version of my choice to become a jesus follower
my creed...rant...personal mission statement
pictures of the family


Chad Kaufman said...

A Phoenix sacrafices itself by fire, only to rise from the ashes more brilliant, exploding with new energy for its new life. We too are rising from ashes; excited to be married to our Texas friends and walk in God's heart by faith with expectation. It is only by His mercy that we find ourselves emerging from the ashes. A child-like excitement grips my heart!

david sherwood said...

and I as well

david sherwood said...
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