Monday, May 7, 2007

TV [the top 25]

Someday i'll have all these on DVD

1. Joan of Arcadia [I was furious when it got cncld...great thought provoking content]
2. 24 [Jack is the uber-man or all men]
3. Moonlighting
4. the Sopranos
5. Heroes
6. Monty Python's flying circus
7. X-files
8. Samarai Jack
9. The Tick
10. Remington Steel [only season 1]
11. The Simpsons
12. Best of Conan Obrien and Jimmy Kimmel
13. Twilight zone
14. Outer Limits
15. Cosby show
16. Mystery Science Theatre
17. Black Adder
18. Twin Peaks
19. Avengers...the Saint...and the Prisoner [cold war weird brit tv]
20. Mad about you...Frazier
21. Home Improvment...Everybody loves Raymond
22. the West Wing
23. Freaks and Geeks
24. Dark Shadows [live soap opera with vampires etc...ya gotta see to believe how campy it was]
25. Certainly not South Park! [and i better not catch you watching it either]


amy s said...

what aboout reality TV?

david sherwood said...

I'll admit I don't watch any. Just haven't found one that struck a cord with me. What about you?


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