Thursday, May 31, 2007


I have woken up 3 days in a row having had a nightmare. This may not be strange to you, but it is VERY strange to me. I haven't had a nightmare since I was 9 or 10 years old. I awaken rattled, anxious, and afraid.

But upon further review...

One of the things a mentor taught me was the importance of knowing EXACTLY where Satan is and what he is trying to do in your life. Usually I have a pretty good handle on this. But this is a new strategy.


I take comfort knowing that he seems to be rattled by something.

And so I smile and resolve myself that every morning after awakening I will pray for Ashland, the University, and ya-all. This will be my response. If he wants to mount pressure on me while I'm sleeping, I will leverage pressure while he is awake. Now then, reverse Psychology may or may not be a good path for spiritual warfare...but I'm betting he will back off. And I'll just keep praying anyways. So that his days can be filled with fear, anxiety, and dread. After all, his time is short. He may not have expected this, but this only forces me deeper into the trenches, he should know me enough by now to know this would not make me back off. But...he's stupid. And this will be his stupid-tax.


"Jesus please be with the people of Ashland today. Greet all of them with your grace and whispers of love. Be with all the students who are gone, protect them, and be with the incoming freshman in a special way. Envelope the president of the school, the faculty, and the staff with your peace, passion, and vision. And touch the Seminary with holy fire for you and your word! And for every member of 5 stones give them a mission today for them to do for your glory. Something fun and real...some act of servanthood and that they can feel your leading and strengthening in them. Make today a little piece of heaven for all."

take that!



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